Server Room

"We want to provide a service you can trust, with secure servers, real-time malware & antivirus scanning"

TT Webhosting was formed in 2006 by its founder Mark Sheppard. We all know there are thousands web hosting business out there. What makes us unique about what we do is our passion and determination to be the best. Our founder has tried most of the hosting companies out there and the majority did not live upto their advertising and his expectations of how a web hosting company should be run. Most did not provide an adequate level of support and security for shared hosting accounts. This was when TT Webhosting was born to fill the gaps of basic hosting that allot of hosting companies fail to provide.

We provide no frills simple, secure and reliable hosting combined with 24/7 support to ensure your website is running the way it should be. We don’t believe in the hard selling as we want our service to speak for itself which in turn will hopefully allow you to recommend us to future clients. We hope you enjoy our service and always welcome your feedback to improve what we do.

TT Webhosting is now owned and operated by Unique Solutions Agency Ltd our parent company